5 Great Photography Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Most Common Mistakes Of Real Estate Photography

One of the most common phrases known to man is a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, when trying desperately to sell a property, both agents and homeowners most genuinely consider the extreme importance in the pictures of the actual home being listed. Paying strict attention to detail is a valuable factor to making sure the property in the image gets properly illuminated, and makes the viewer of the picture crave the home.

Maximizing Your Photography

Here are some great tips on how to withdraw from the five most common real estate photography mistakes. An image of the property your selling being blurry is one of the most familiar inaccuracies. The reason why this happens is because most people try to take professional pictures with their hands, neglecting the fact that most hands slightly shake when you try to restrain them from moving.

Use a Tripod
Buying a tripod could be the best solution to this problem because it deletes the shakiness of your hands. It’s also very cheap and could be great for the interior shots needed to give some much needed sharpness to the image. Also, try your best to get rid of any clutter lying around that can potentially distract probable buyers from the details you’re trying to capture with the picture.

Focus on the Horizon
You should definitely focus on the horizon specifics of the picture as well. Take a stroll through your mind and try to think of any picture that looked good or was alluring when something within the image was crooked. It doesn’t happen often. When aiming at the house that you want taken, use grid lines to make sure the building or property isn’t crooked. Remember attention to detail is a great way to avoid future problems in advertising a specific home.

Turn Off Flash
By turning off the installed flash of the camera sometimes you can avoid unattractive reflections off of mirroring surfaces. Using natural light from the sun gives pictures a more prevailing look than using the flash for most pictures that aren’t in the dark.

Think About Space
The composition of the picture can also be an intriguing way to reel in potential buyers and customers. You should always get as much space in view whenever you are framing a specific shot. One of the veteran sneaky tricks in doing this is to never add ceilings or wall dividers within the picture because it gives the image some sort of an illusion to how roomy the interior space actually is. This small tip can definitely add more people to the interested list.

Use Wide Angle Lenses
In all honesty it’s extremely smart to invest in a wide angle lens just because it imprisons a lot more space inside the picture than any other type of lens. Another exclusive tip for not making these common mistakes is to never use your phone to take these type of pictures no matter how hi-def they are.

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