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About Vestcom Property Management

Vestcom Property Management

managing and maintaining subdivided/strata buildings

Vestcom Property Management is a professional firm specialising in managing and maintaining subdivided/strata buildings, we serve a wide range of clients which include Developers, Joint Management
Bodies, Management Corporations and Resident Associations. We are registered under the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia (Registration No: V(3) 0070).

We have a total of more than 10 years of experience in consultation works specializing in the area of credit control, high rise building management, and construction companies. Vestcom Property Management is also supported by a strong team of legal experts in Strata Management Act (2014) and other areas
such as dispute, company law, association law, etc.

Vision & MIssion

Vestcom Property Management

Vision & Mission


Vestcom Property Management aimed to be one of the top-notch property management company in Malaysia that offers full range of services including in Finance & Asset, Property Management & Consultancy, Budgeting and Purchasing etc. We are dedicated to be a trustworthy and creditable property management firm in Malaysia.


Our mission is to maximize the value of the property through proactive property management. We aim to provide you with bespoke, creative solutions that will enhance and protect your property investments, reduce operating costs and minimise risk.

Core Services

Vestcom Property Management

core services

As a reliable property manager, our responsibility is to ensure that our client’s assets are always well taken care of. With a team of well-trained technical experts, we consistently make sure that our clients’ assets are always in a good state so that the owners, residents and tenants will stay with peace of mind.

Financial & Asset Management

  • Credit control
  • Purchasing and inventory control
  • Payment of contractors and supplier invoices
  • Managing money in hand, e.g. reserve or sinking fund for future capital expenditure, cash on deposit and operational money
  • Issue of demand for rents, service charges, management fee, insurance, utility charges, etc.
  • Collection of rents, service charges, management fee, insurance, utility, charge, etc.
  • Payroll, etc.

Property Management and Consultancy

  • Day-to-day Operations
  • Levels of insurance cover
  • Operational Signage
  • Formulation of management policy, goals and objectives for the development.
  • Rules and regulations governing occupation and use of building, car parks, recreational facilities, etc.
  • Effective security and car park control
  • Proper provision of space to accommodate management, facilities/equipment and personnel

Administrative & Support Services

  • Maintaining letting database
  • Maintenance proper records
  • Issuing periodic statements
  • Monitoring accounts receivable and credit control
  • Registration of sales and transfer
  • Legal advice and to work with the Body panel lawyer (if required)
  • Effective security and car park control
  • Proper provision of space to accommodate management, facilities/equipment and personnel

Procurement Resources

  • Uniform, radio transceivers, pagers
  • Office equipment furniture, stationary
  • Maintenance staff “tool of trade”
  • Refuse carts, ashtrays, rubbish bins
  • Wet weather mat, duct control mats
  • Fire extinguisher, sand buckets
  • Vehicle clamps, traffic cones, chains, sign stands, etc.

Budget Planning

  • Budgetary estimate of operational expenditure and calculate rents, service charge and management fees.
  • Prepare specifications and documents
  • Analyze returned tenders
  • Negotiate tender prices
  • Recommend/select contractors
  • Cost effective maintenance
  • Cost effective servicing

Why Us?

Vestcom Property Management

Why Us?

At Vestcom we pride ourselves on our innovative and integrated approach to property management. We invest heavily in our people, processes and technology and assist in the set-up of administrative and financial systems needed for efficient long-term management.

We also place our clients risk management issue as an essential aspect in our business. Therefore it is essential that property consultants to be covered by professional indemnity insurance, and to this end we are adequately insured, to ensure that our Client is free from any risks involved.

Our Client

Vestcom Property Management

Client Feedback



Vestcom Property Management

Successful Records


Blocks: 4 Blocks
Total Units: 664 units
Completion: Early 2012
Tenure: Leasehold
Client: Park 51 Residency JMB


Client : Badan Pengurusan Batu caves centerpoint fasa 2
Total units: 280 units
Tenure: Leasehold


Client : Perbadanan Pengurusan Pangsapuri Sri Jinjang 1
Total units: 333 units
Tenure: Leasehold


Client : Badan Pengurusan Altitude 236.
Total units: 236 units
Tenure: Leasehold
Completion: 2014


Vestcom Property Management

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