Which Areas of Bangkok are Best for Real Estate Investing?

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Overall, Bangkok has a very good property market. Nevertheless, some locations obviously stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of their attractiveness as real estate investment locations. These areas can give property market investors better value for money. Below is an analysis of the best areas for real estate investment locations in Bangkok.


These areas offer get great value on their properties and are very popular among foreign property investors.



Sukhumvit is a choice real estate investment location because of a number or reasons. For one, traffic in Bangkok is terrible, and you can’t have to have any peace of mind if you intend to constantly commute to work using the city’s roads. Therefore, places that are connected to the BTS Skytrain or the metro attract most people due to easy, fast, and cheap access to the CBD.


Sukhumvit is connected to the Skytrain, which is part of the reason why it is one of the top destinations for people looking to rent or own property in Bangkok, particularly foreigners.


Sukhumvit also features an especially high concentration of condos. Considering that condos are very popular in Thailand among foreigners looking to own or rent residential properties, this means that such investors stand to make substantial gains from their investments.


Sukhumvit also offers easy access to the airport and great international schools, which definitely attract a lot of people to this area of the city.


Central Lumpini

Central Lumpini is very close to the city, and that makes it very attractive to property investors. Although this Bangkok location has many luxury condominiums, which foreigners can purchase quite easily, it also has office buildings.


The proximity to major points in the city is the location’s major selling point. For instance, Central Lumpini, the biggest urban park in the city, is close by.


Equally significant is the fact that land in this area is very limited, which means that its value can only increase over time.



Sathorn, just like Sukhumvit, is served by Bangkok’s famous train system, the BTS Skytrain. This makes it a prime real estate destination in a city where everybody is trying to avoid the constant traffic jams by all means possible. Additionally, just like Sukhumvit, Sathorn has a high concentration of condos.


Foreigners in Thailand can buy condos quite easily, which makes them very popular.


Add to that the fact that Bangkok is the most popular city for tourists around the world and you will realize that this region of Bangkok has very good prospects for potential real estate investors.


Final Thoughts

If you are interested in investing in the best real estate properties Bangkok has to offer, your best bet is to look for properties available in Sukhumvit, Central Lumpini, and Sathorn. These areas are all-time property hotspots due to easy access to the city because of the fast and reliable Bangkok train system, or the just the sheer close proximity to the city center.


Furthermore, these areas have high concentrations of condominiums, which are very popular among tourists in the city since they are also the only properties foreigners can own with ease.

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